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   Summary - Info-Files Advantages

Security Consulting
The world of today suffers from various dangers and
threats, both against people and property. These
dangers can be of a competitive, criminal or terrorist

Whatever the nature of the threat, it may pose hazards
to lives, assets or finances of the individual or the

The Info-Files security team consists of seasoned
veterans who served in military, security services
and law enforcement agencies in Israel, assigned
both in Israel and around the world. We are proud
to have in our team people who are experts in
various fields of security and intelligence and who
can use their capabilities in a civilian environment.

Our security team is well aware of the need of a
commercial entity to function as normally as possible
and fulfill its designated functions, and at the same
time maintain a high level of security.
That is why our security solutions are tailor-made
and built according to the needs, limitations and goals
of each client.
Info-Files personnel are experienced in security solutions for private businesses as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Our security solutions are based on an orderly and well proven process:

Threat and risk assessment - a thinking process that
  must be done with the active participation of the client.

Evaluation of the opponent's "modus operandi", or
   possible ways and means of attack.

Building a security plan or changing and modifying an
   existing one.

Defining the needed security personnel, both by
   quantity and by quality.

Defining the technical means of the security plan.

Assisting in writing the standard operating
   procedures as well as contingency and
   emergency plans.

Consulting in matters of instructing and training
  security personnel.

Consulting and assisting in implementing the
   security plan.

Following up on the implementation and further
   development of the security plan.

The above security package can be settled as a
whole or in parts, as the client deems fit.

Info-Files professionals provide security solutions
in all fields of security, such as:

Physical Security
VIP Protection
Aviation and Maritime Security
Information Security

Business intelligence
Info-Files specializes in performing unique "pre-due
diligence" assessments prior to communications
with the business parties (individual or company).
Info-Files experts examine the market of possible
partners to facilitate information collection before
the organizations even know about intentions to
create contact. Such information is most valuable for
the purposes of negotiations, financial analysis, etc.

Info-Files examines the business credibility,
economic background and financial integrity
of the target organization, and incorporates
feedback on the target's management and
methods of action. Attention is paid to
financial abilities and the individuals and
companies that are actively involved with
the business.


Personnel Assessment and Background Investigation
Info-Files is the solution for assessing and
investigating potential organizational personnel.
We use a method with added value well
beyond what is offered by placement agency
selection processes. Info-Files specializes in
performing a screening process which
responds to our client needs of assessing the
applicant's personal credibility and not only his
professional skills.
The process that Info-Files offers is a unique
methodology, which is not available from other
organizations, and is largely based on field
work, interviews and technical tools. Therefore
its services are of essential benefit when
assessing sensitive employee candidates and
key position - holders.

After taking advantage of the existing placement
process, Info-Files provides you, the manager,
with tools for completing the selection process.
These tools help clarify important issues such as:

Verification of the candidate's professional experience.
Familiarity with the candidate's personality, integrity,
  loyalty and personal background.
Rating of the candidate relative to other candidates.


Auditing of Investigation Processes
Info-Files specializes in providing audit and control
for organizations that regularly require the services
of private investigation firms.
Info-Files improves the investigative product of such
firms by demanding from them to perform according
to predetermined criteria and to provide clear and
proper reporting. Info-Files also determines and
continually audits investigation costs of those
private investigation firms.


Summary - Info-Files Advantages
Our services:

Extend far beyond the gathering of factual
  information to include professional examination,
  evaluation and analysis

Utilize a unique methodology based on expert

Integrate the skills of multidisciplinary experts

Specialize in the field of auditing of investigation

Ensure discretion, reliability, professionalism

Are based upon years of experience in a broad
  array of security services

Provide unique solutions for choosing candidates
  for key organizational positions

Utilize formal background and extensive experience
  in accounting, intelligence, security, law and
  behavioral sciences